Jan Lange Home

Jan Lange initially started in 1963.

Accommodation: 45 mid-care residents.

These residents are classified under the assisted living or mid-care. They are still fairly independent, but receive three meals per day, their laundry is done and their rooms are cleaned once per week. The nurse on the premises is available for any emergency.

Due to the increase in demand for frail care in the community, a section, consisting of 8 rooms was converted into a second frail care/ care centre unit. The nurse on duty is responsible for 24 hour nurs1ng care.

Jan Lange Home
Services offered at DROOM are:
  • Outsourced private catering company provides 3 balanced meals per day
  • Laundry and cleaning done by the same private company
  • 24 nursing services- for the frail and care-centre unit
  • Full time professional management
  • Activities for the frail provided mainly by volunteers
  • Bible study
  • Church services broadcasted from the Dutch Reformed Church
  • Weekly visits from the local provincial hospital doctor
  • Transport to the PPH clinic and private doctors
  • Hairdresser
  • Two weekly visit from the local library
  • Automatic membership of the Service Centre at DROOM
  • Social trips organized by the Service Centre.