Service Centre

The service centre came into existence in 1995 after the amalgamation of the two clubs for senior people. They were "Sleeping Beauty Club" (then a club prominently for people of colour) and the “Erica Blenna Club” (predominantly for caucasian people). On 1 November 1999 the service centre and the tow old age homes became part of the umbrella organization Droom. The Service Centre is partly funded by the Department of Social Development. Service delivery is focussed on the needs of the elderly and the disabled, with 395 members currently.

Our purpose is to enable the elderly to stay active in their households and community as long as possible.

The following services are provided to our members:
  • Lunch - Affordable meals on a daily basis
  • Health Services - Blood Pressure, GHT, Chronic Medication, Injections, Dressing of Wounds, Counseling
  • Pedicures
  • Home Based Care - 24HR Care
  • Transport - for those who participate in the activities of the service centre
  • Hand Skills
  • Social Programmes - Spiritual Programmes, Interesting Discussions, DVD's and Games are presented on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays, each program is carefully planned to address a wide range of society aspects.
  • Alzheimer's Support Group
  • Special Dates - Women's Day, Velentine's Day, Birthdays, Alzheimer's Day, Christmas, etc.
  • Sport - Golden Games, Hessequa Sport Day
  • Outings - Monthly outings to the country side and tourist attractions.
Service Centre